• Anonymousdo you know of ways to practice wicca non-theistically because i love all of the other aspects and believe in them wholeheartedly but the closest i can get to believing in these types of gods/godesses(or any god/goddess actually) is viewing them as physical representations of the earth without being an actual....well being
  • Of course! That’s how I practice Wicca in all honesty. I only incorporated Deities in Sabbats to kind of match the theme you know? But I’m gonna tell you a secret.
    The way to practice it without having to wrap your head around all these deities is to think of this the way it is: energy.
    Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit (Balance), Feminine (Moons), Masculine (Stars).
    Personally, how I practice is that I still say “Goddess & God” when referring to the energies but only because I recognise that they are only personifications of the energies in the universe.
    If you want to practice without naming them, simply say “Energies of the Earth” or “Energies of the Universe” or whatever feels comfortable to you! When in doubt, focus your practice on Mother Earth! Remember that Goddesses and Gods are just created for humans to grasp these big balls of energy all around us. So if you can’t grasp the whole Goddess & God like me, you just have to re-learn it. You’re working with the world around you, not these supreme beings.
    Now, if you have questions like how to cast a circle this way, how to pray, how to do spells with this practice, then hit me up and I’ll answer the specifics as well!

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